Phaeoexplorer project

Project description

Mark J. Cock (CNRS / Sorbonne Université - Station Biologique de Roscoff)

Exploring the evolution of biological complexity in the brown algae through the establishment of a multi-scale genomic data resource

The Phaeoexplorer project aims to generate transcriptome data and annotated genome assemblies for a broad range of brown algal species at different phylogenetic distances from the model brown alga Ectocarpus in order to address a number of key questions about the biology and evolutionary history of this poorly characterized but important group of marine eukaryotes. The knowledge generated by the project will be exploited to develop new techniques and products for the macroalgal mariculture and processing industries.

France Genomique

Available species

Ectocarpus siliculosus 1a female x1.5/

Ectocarpus siliculosus 1a

Ectocarpus species1 female x1.5

Ectocarpus species1

Ectocarpus species4 male x1.5

Ectocarpus species4

Ectocarpus species5 female x1.5

Ectocarpus species5

Soon available species

  • Desmarestia dudresnayi
  • Ectocarpus crouaniorum 2c (F,M)
  • Ectocarpus fasciculatus (M)
  • Ectocarpus siliculosus 1a (M)
  • Ectocarpus 'species 1' (M)
  • Ectocarpus 'species 2' (F,M)
  • Ectocarpus 'species 3' (M)
  • Ectocarpus 'species 4' (F)
  • Ectocarpus 'species 6' (F)
  • Ectocarpus 'species 9' (F)
  • Laminarionema elsbetiae
  • Porterinema fluviatile
  • Scytosiphon lomentaria (M)
  • Undaria pinnatifida (M)

Later available species

  • Choristocarpus tenellus
  • Desmarestia herbacea (F,M)
  • Dictyota dichotoma (F,M)
  • Ectocarpus fasciculatus (F)
  • Fucus disticus
  • Fucus serratus (M)
  • Halopteris congesta
  • Heribaudiella fluviatilis
  • Heterosigma akashiwo
  • Myriotrichia clavaeformis (F,M)
  • Phaeothamnion confervicola
  • Pleurocladia lacustris
  • Saccharina latissima (F,M)
  • Saccorhiza polyschides (F,M)
  • Sargassum natans
  • Schizocladia ischiensis
  • Sphacelaria rigidula (F,M)
  • Sphaerotrichia firma (F,M)